Monthly Progressive Training These training sessions are conducted for all the referees as part of their development and progression in their refereeing journey. In one particular session, a collaboration with Channel News Asia revisited football of yesteryears by documenting our former FIFA referee Mr Chandra Nadesan. A football session between two referee teams was held to relive a moment where Mr N Chandra used to referee on a regular basis back in the 70s. This was an eventful activity where the referees of the current generation had the opportunity to interact with him, and to gain insight on the experiences that he shared. When: Every 2nd Sunday of the month Time: 7am - 11am Where: Jalan Besar Stadium S.League and Prime League Training Sessions An analysis, training, and classroom session is conducted for the referees involved in S.League and Prime League matches as part of improving their technical performance in the game and overall physical fitness. When: Every last Sunday of the month Time: 7am - 12pm Where: Jalan Besar Stadium