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How can I register my child for this programme?

 Registration form as attached and available for download.

How often are the training sessions?

Training sessions are held once a week on Saturdays or Sundays every week.


Who are the coaches for this programme?

 Coaches are players, ex-players, teachers, parent volunteers, sports students, AFC-certified coaches, etc. who have gone through the FAS Grassroots Coaching course.


What will my child learn from this programme?

Your child will learn how to be team-oriented through engagement in this team sport as well as learn football skills that is incorporated through fun games; they will also learn social values such as respect, teamwork, discipline, etc.


What will my child be wearing for training?

 Upon payment for this programme, your child will be given a football kit containing a set of football jersey, shorts and socks. It is recommended to provide your child with shin pads for added safety.


How much are the fees for this programme?

The first-time (one-time) payment is S$50 which includes jersey set, insurance and the current month’s fee. Subsequent payment is $24 per month.


What if my child gets injured in the course of this programme?

 We aim to provide a safe environment for your child to learn football in a fun way. However, in the event of an injury that is unavoidable as football is a contact sport, we will make sure that your child’s injury is well taken care of with the help from medical professionals. In addition, all coaches are qualified in basic first-aid, CPR and AED.  A medical kit is available on-site.  Insurance is also provided for all participants in the FAS Cubs programme.


Where are the training sessions held?

 Please see attached information on the various Cubs centres available island-wide.


Why should I let my child sign up for this programme?

This programme reaps benefits for your child as an individual by getting him or her to be more active through exercise, as well as inculcating a strong sense of self-discipline through this sport. Your child will learn how to be a team player and benefit through attained values that football actively promotes.


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