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FAS Women's Leagues

The FAS Women’s Premier League was reorganised in 2017 to form a two-division structure - the Women's Premier League (WPL) and the Women's National League (WNL). The Leagues are home to Singapore’s finest female footballers, as they are pitted against one another, as well as other players from overseas. With its competitive nature and rising standards, the Leagues have helped to raise the profiles of women’s football in Singapore over the years.

For 2017, the champions of WNL 2017 will be promoted to WPL 2018, while the last placed team of WPL 2017 will be relegated to WNL 2018. The second-last placed team of the WPL 2017 will play against the first runners-up of WNL 2017 in a playoff. The winner of the playoff will be promoted to WPL 2018.


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